Aluminum 1480 Series Slip Yoke to U-Joint. Scroll down for order form.

Aluminum driveshafts are built with Alcoa drawn seamless tubes.

6061-T6 forged aluminum weld yokes.

All transmission slip yokes are equipped with the legendary 1480 series Spicer solid body U-Joints.
All aluminum driveshafts are precision high speed balanced on our Hines DL-500 driveline balancer.

1480 Series Aluminum Driveshaft are available in a variety of transmission slip yokes.

Note! GM TH400 with threaded hole in output shaft is 'Fixed Yoke' transmission and requires a counterbored slip yoke only available in Sonnax 1350 Series.

Most of these transmission slip yokes are on the shelf


Differential end is equipped with the legendary 1480 series Spicer solid body joint.


Most of these flanges are on the shelf:

Flange yokes are equipped with 1480 series Spicer solid body u-joints.

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The 1480 Aluminum Shaft is available in 5" Alcoa Seamless Tubing

  $875 Click Here to Order

1480 Series Aluminum 5" x 0.125", Maximum Length 76". Click Here to get started

Maximum shaft length by tubing size:

5", Maximum Center to Center Length = 76"