Performance Aluminum Driveshafts

Aluminum driveshafts are built with Alcoa drawn seamless tubes.

6061-T6 forged aluminum weld yokes.

Available in 3.00", 3.50", 4.00" and 5.00" x .120" wall tubing sizes.

These shafts are built with choice of 1310, 1330, 1350, 1410 or 1480 series, Spicer Life Series U-Joints for high strength and long life.

All Aluminum Driveshafts are precision high speed balanced on our Hines DL-500 driveline balancer.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum has Less Mass than Steel!

Less Mass is Faster!

Physics says so

Force = Mass x Acceleration.

As mass decreases, Acceleration increases.

Buy an Aluminum Driveshaft Today!

Increase your Acceleration!

What's the Catch?

Aluminum Driveshafts are NOT Bullet Proof


Aluminum Shafts Can and Do experience Catastrophic Failure when pushed beyond the limits of normal and reasonable use.

OC Driveshaft makes every effort to ensure that every aluminum driveshaft is built to the highest standard. 

The Best Built Aluminum Driveshafts are Built by OC Driveshaft.

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