Driveshaft Measurement Tips  

The quality of your driveshaft fit starts with the accuracy of the measurements.

It is best to follow some general rules:

  • Measure everything in American Inches. Communists and Wimps use the metric system.
  • When measuring anything less than 6", use calipers or a steel machinists ruler.


  • When Using a tape measure, record numbers to closest 1/8".

Always record decimal equivalent when filling out forms


When measuring driveshaft overall length, the suspension must be at ride height. The axles may be rested on safety stands to gain access to the underside of the vehicle. Never measure with the axle hanging.

Be very careful when counting splines
Most slip yokes have a "Missing Tooth". The missing tooth in a slip yoke allows oil or grease to move in and out of the yoke to prevent hydro-locking. Make sure to include the missing tooth when counting splines.