HPM - High Performance Marine Oil

10W‑30 and 10W‑40

Marine lubricants and additives from Royal Purple let boats and their owners outperform on the open water.

Whether you’re a pleasure boater, marine motorsports competitor or marine service professional, we invite you to get to know our line of specialized marine products.

Our High Performance Marine (HPM) oil is engineered for 4-stroke engines. It delivers a load-carrying capacity multiple times that of other petroleum or synthetic marine motor oils, giving boaters unrivalled anti-wear protection while freeing up torque and horsepower they never knew they had. Just ask multiple world champion offshore power boat racing team, Miss Geico.

It doesn’t stop there. Royal Purple’s Synerlec® additive technology extends to our 2-cycle synthetic engine oil HP 2-C for outboard motors and jet skis, giving users increased performance and protection, and noticeably lesser emissions.

High Performance Marine (HPM) gear lube and our industry-leading synthetic gear oil provides Synthetic Defense™ for marine lower gear units, and our Ultra-Performance Grease, fuel system cleaners, stabilizers, boosters and Max-Tuff assembly lube are difference makers for marine mechanics and their customers all over the world.

Take a look around. You’ll like what you find.